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We believe in natural skincare that does not compromise on effectiveness. Skin absorbs everything and it’s why we should look at skincare products as skin food. We’ve developed an award-winning formula with the best organic, vegan and cruelty free ingredients available.


We’re a company rooted in Family, originally making safe, sustainable products for our loved ones. Now our organic range has grown to have a formula to suit every member of the family. Kind to your skin and the planet.

NAVEEN is the First Taiwanese Cosmetic Brand earned the COSMOS International Organic Certification

We adhere to the COSMOS organic standard and all of our products are certified organic. This certification also means that the health of the soil and plant is enhanced.

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Natural Ingredients
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Waste Recycling Rate
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Animal Ingredients & Testing

  • COSMOS Organic Certification
  • Vegan and Cruely Free
  • ISO22716 VCGMP
  • HALAL Certification
  • All essential oil used are from organic agriculture
  • >80% electricity used is from
    Green Energy(2023)


Product Series

A simple formula suitable for the whole family, NAVEEN gives you more concern-free protection

Whole Body Cleansing & Care

Whole Body Cleansing & Care

Select mild and effective cleansing ingredients according to different ages and different skin types. Only ingredients required by the skin are added to the formula to establish an excellent foundation.
Mommy & Baby Series

Mommy & Baby Series

Only nourishing ingredients suitable for babies are added. The sources of the ingredients are stringently selected to conduct several formula tests, giving the most thoughtful and professional promise to babies and the family.
Facial Cleansing & Care

Facial Cleansing & Care

The main ingredient for the series has been developed according to the different needs of the skin, thereby improving different skin issues via several types of active ingredients, and there is no need to be concerned about causing damage to the environment because of the natural ingredients.
Cleansing & Care for Men

Cleansing & Care for Men

The main ingredient for the series has been developed according to the needs of males, where the ratio of ingredients with organic certification has been raised, allowing cleansing to build the ideal foundation for the skin, leaving your skin feeling refreshed without tightness, and allowing everyone to say goodbye to oily skin.


NAVEEN video

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