What are essentials to produce organic products?

◉using processing and manufacturing that are clean and respectful of huamn health and the environment to reach sustainability

◉Environmental management

・sort cardboard, glass, paper, and all other waste materials・recycle or process this waste

・send all other waste to a specialized recycling firm which deals with specific packaging that is is not possible to recycle

・use cleaning and disinfection materials・storage areas must be clearly labelled to avoid any confusion or risk to the integrity of the products

・different manfacturing processes must be separated to prevernt contamination of organic or natural ingredients・to minimise the amount of material used

・maximise the amount of material that can be resued or recycled

・use materials with recycled content where possible,and so on…

We invite you to watch the video next, then you’ll get to know more abouthow much more we did to produce organic products.